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Programmatic TV

Television advertising remains a cornerstone for businesses to reach a broad audience effectively. However, the key to success lies in targeting the right viewers with the right message. Programmatic TV offers a solution through automated, data-driven methods of planning and buying linear TV advertising, including spot placements within cable, satellite, and broadcast inventory.

Programmatic TV Basics:

  • Programmatic TV utilizes data-driven targeting, allowing advertisers to reach specific demographics, geographic regions, and even individual households.
  • Ad placements on Connected TVs are purchased and sold similarly to digital video, providing advertisers with more precise audience targeting capabilities.


Example: A user opening the Pandora application might encounter a 15 or 30-second video ad before reaching the home screen. This pre-roll ad interrupts the user’s chosen content briefly, delivering a targeted message.

Benefits of Programmatic TV:

  1. Automated Buying: Streamlines the buying process, eliminating manual tasks.
  2. Data-driven Targeting: Enables precise audience targeting beyond traditional TV demographics.
  3. Measurement: Allows advertisers to target, measure, and retarget TV-viewing households for better performance analysis.
  4. Unified Campaign Management: Provides a single platform for buying inventory across different mediums and accessing consolidated reports.
  5. Real-time Optimizations: Enables tracking and optimization of campaigns in real-time based on key performance indicators (KPIs).


Addressable TV:

  • Offers benefits for both audiences and advertisers, allowing viewers to watch shows at their convenience and providing advertisers with deep insights for specific audience targeting.
  • Enables tracking of customer behavior and targeting based on segments like geography and demographics, improving advertising effectiveness.


Challenges of Traditional TV Advertising:

  • Limited tracking and targeting capabilities compared to programmatic TV.
  • Difficulties in measuring performance and targeting specific audiences based on interests and behaviors.


Future of Programmatic TV:

  • The goal is not to replace all TV advertising with programmatic TV but to leverage its benefits where it makes the most sense.
  • Connected TV (CTV) offers promising features with its automated planning and buying processes, data-driven targeting capabilities, and the shift of consumer attention from TV to online channels.
  • Unified analysis of impressions, conversions, and attribution across platforms will empower buyers and advertisers to make smarter decisions with their advertising budgets.

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